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Thank you for your participation in the conference. As the event approaches, we are searching for contributors to submit both oral and poster presentations of scientific results and on non-scientific activities (for example conservation management) on the topic of grasslands.
The large-format posters will be exhibited in the foyer of the Eurac Research headquarters. In addition to each printed poster, a short presentation should also be prepared. The poster should be presented briefly with a total of three slides and should last no longer than 3 minutes. This short presentation should NOT be identical to the poster but represent a graphic abstract as to explain the topic and which should include the following:
Slide 1: the topic and the research background. Slide 2: the methods and the study site. Slide 3: research results. There will be a short Q&A session directly after the presentation. Each presentation and discussion should not exceed 5 minutes.

Specific instructions for the oral presentations will be communicated after acceptance. We will try to respect participant preferences, however if there is an uneven distribution of presentation type, participants may be asked to adjust their submission accordingly.

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